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The Legend of Andar The Sorcerer


Although Andy Jackson is a real, living person and professional Magician,
the character he portrays, "Andar The Sorcerer" has an interesting story to tell. 

Andar The Sorcerer was born in 428 Anno Domini in Britain, shortly after the time of Roman occupation. His parents had been killed, so he was adopted by a kind, young wizard. This wizard later became known as the greatest magician ever throughout history. You know him as Merlin.

As Andar grew, Merlin taught him everything about the laws of nature and sciences
and more importantly, how to break those laws to manipulate the five elements.
This is what we now call "Magic".

As Merlin's apprentice, Andar knew Arthur Pendragon like a brother and celebrated his rise to kingship and assisted each of his knights of the Round Table. Just before Merlin was enchanted by the Lady of the Lake and sent to the land of the faeries, he anointed Andar and ordained him with all of his powers and abilities. One of these was the gift of immortality. 

Andar has since traveled throughout the ages, constantly learning about life and people. He has honed his magical skills and uses his astounding abilities to entertain audiences worldwide.


Andar's Medieval Origins


Andar The Sorcerer with his aether / prana energy staff


Andar's adoptive father and mentor, Merlin The Wizard at Stonehenge


Andar's faithful unicorn, Maureen

owl snowy

Andar's pet owl, Snowy


inside Andar's cottage showing his magic laboratory


Andar's cottage and magic laboratory


one of Andar's ancient spell books


some of Andar's magic potions


Merlin's astrolabe


Andar's library of magical books and ancient texts


Andar's outdoor magic potion experiments table


ancient runes on a monolithic stone from Andar's home

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